front second pack, Kimberly, Jenni & Louis (the caboose).

main second pack - Elizabeth, Tim, Caroline, Chuck... there's a bunch of our friends in this one.

Louis th' caboose

Kim Perkins chasing up the last bad hill on the course.

Kendra Hudson following Uwe Brockmann

Jenni with Dana Eads (Dana helped me get into town! Thanks, Dude, couldn'ta done it without you!)

Kimberly Westbury charging the hill with some friends

Sticki, all alone

Kim and Kendra, 1st and 2nd

2003 champs

2003 champs

38 mile champ Stacey Eldridge and friend

Cindy Spadling - GIRSA president and the one who makes A2A happen.

Louis "prairie-doggin' " at the end of the pace

Elizabeth Dougherty and Caroline Bragdon

Jennix, Louis & Eliabeth @ the Friday Night Skate