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It's hard to believe there's public transportation in LA, but there is! encourages use of human _and_ public transportation whenever possible. We're happy to bring you this page of L.A. bike "facilities", powered by the GoogleEarth (Legend is below map).

Map Legend
Feature Color Description
Class 0 Purple Unoffcial routes in common use by cyclists.
Class 1 Red Separate, bicycles-only facility.
Class 2 White Bike Lane
Class 3 Green Not a bike route/path at all, class 3 designation merely designates that a street has been identified as what would probably be a good bike route, except that it's not been at all modified to be so, save the signs that say "Bike Route" every so often along the way. Since all roads in California are legal for bicycle traffic, designating Class 3 routes logically should be reserved for places where motorists might think cyclists are not allowed, such as a costal length of US 101.


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