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Welcome to the Newsroom is proud to host a central location for you to get all your skater porn. The message boards above are run by Bont, Hyper-Race, SkateLog and They are soley responsible for their site and the things that go on there. We really hope they don't mind us linking to them.

For the uninitiated: news/message boards are somewhere between chat rooms and email lists. They have the advantage of providing lots of people access to the same conversations, but people who don't want to hear what folks are talking about don't have to see a barrage of unwanted emails in their inbox.

Most boards have the same basic rules:

  • you must register and login to post to the board - these are almost always free, and generally only serve to prevent spammers and flamers from joining the list and causing trouble. Provide as little or as much information as you're comfortable with during the registration process.

  • read the board a bit and learn the tone of the leaders - each board usually has its resident know-it-alls, characters, loudmouths and peacemakers. Most folks though just ask a question now and then and spout off rarely.

  • read the FAQ's or rules if the board has them - RTFM, everybody knows this

  • use posting rights carefully - users can post images and words easily. Be careful not to offend the board's decourum. Every board is different.

We must of course remind you that any and all boards and websites linked through this portal are the property of their owners and not Please take the time to support the sites hosting all of these boards.

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